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Linda C. Sanicola, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychology
Children, Adolescents, Adults


Linda C. Sanicola, Ph.D.

Psychological services for Children, Adolescents, and Adults.  Please note the new phone number: (714) 486-1778

Linda C. Sanicola, Ph.D.


11770 Warner Ave. Suite 121
Fountain Valley, CA. 92708

Phone: 714-486-1778
Fax: 714-486-1821

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Dr. Sanicola is a psychologist who has been practicing in Orange County since 1985. She has a general practice and also specializes in the treatment of children and adolescents, including parent education. She was also the director of a therapeutic day camp, Quest Camp, for ten years. She was the host of an internet radio show for two years "Be The Best You Can Be".

Dr. Sanicola specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD in both adults and children; in treating people with anxiety and depression; relationship problems, parenting education and training, and day-to-day stress of everyday living.

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There are many times in life when people face situations or have questions about life events and circumstances with which they feel ill-prepared to cope. Life events may prove challenging. They may have thoughts, feelings, or behaviors which they do not understand. They may worry that what is going on is not "normal" and struggle with finding solutions. Often, the solutions people need include some form of coping skills.

In our culture, there are few places to turn to in order to learn basic life skills. Examples of such skills include communication skills, stress management skills, relationships skills and parenting skills. People need help; they solutions, they need answers. Therapy is often a safe place to seek solutions for life's struggles.

Whether you are dealing with a stressful life situation, struggling with parenting issues, suffering from anxiety or depression, or simply want to grow and be the best person you can be, Dr. Sanicola can help. We focus on helping you to identify your needs and goals and providing a way to implement changes and work towards success.

Patient Testimonials

"Thank you for all of your help and patience in our son's recovery process. The good news is that he is now getting straight A's in his classes and working 20 hours a week. Things are going well and he is his old self again! We are thrilled with his progress. Thank you again."

"You have given me the tools to be happy and successful in my life and I am now using them!"

"I wanted to tell you a long overdue and heartfelt thank you for helping me. I remember you as being the only adult that understood me and at that time that meant the world to me".

Linda C. Sanicola, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychology
Children, Adolescents, Adults

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